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Copenhagen to get first public European Baccalaureate school

20.02.2020  14:04
The upper secondary school will be the first municipal international gymnasium of its kind in the Danish capital.

The school will exist as part of the already-established European School Copenhagen, a municipal international school located in the Carlsberg Byen area in the city’s Vesterbro neighbourhood. The school opened in 2014 and currently has students in nursery class (børnehaveklasse) to eighth grade.

“Copenhagen is an international city, so it’s entirely natural that we are now getting an international upper secondary school programme in which students can develop their linguistic skills and global outlook,” principal Anette Holst said in a press release.

“The upper secondary school caters for both international families that have moved to Denmark and for Danish schoolgoers who wish for a global perspective in their youth education,” Holst added.

Students at the school, which is scheduled to open in August, will follow the European Baccalaureate (EB) programme, which qualifies them for admission to Danish and European universities.

That sets it out from existing international school options in Denmark, Holst explained to The Local.

“One of the unique things about the EB is that you can choose between different language sections (Danish, English and, later, French). In addition to the section language, you can choose 2-3 other languages. So you’ll become fluent in 3-4 languages,” she said via email.

“European Schools do not just teach language in language classes. You’ll be taught in your first foreign language in geography and history lessons, for example,” the school director continued.

Additionally, the structure of the programme allows students to “put together their school leavers’ exam based on their own interests,” she added.

Lessons will generally be conducted by native speakers, with subjects such as history and geography taught in students’ primary second language: either English, German or French. English and Danish primary-language sections will both be available.

Enrolment at the school will be free and application via the same process as with other municipal upper secondary schools, though certain criteria will apply. More details can be found via the school’s website.


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