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Denmark is Making Waves in Renewable Energy

18.09.2019  17:29

After receiving over €1bn from Horizon 2020, Denmark are planning on using a large portion of the funding on developing sustainable and energy-friendly solutions throughout the EU, according the Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science.

Danish research institutions and companies have received over €1bn of funding from Horizon 2020 since it’s inception in 2014, €124m euros of which have been used for research and innovation in the energy sector.

“It is very positive that Denmark is at the forefront when it comes to developing future solutions to climate challenges. Green research is key to reaching the ambitious climate goals we have set. I am proud of Danish research that is doing well in the green area and I hope that we can lift the green transition in society in cooperation with the other EU countries,” said Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science.

“We must dare to have the courage to prioritise, focus and let it reflect what political goals we have for our society. Research in the green energy transition is a very strong ambition of this government,” said Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen to the Danish publication PolicyWatch.

Corewind is just one of the projects that received the grant. Corewind work towards the improvement of mooring of floating offshore wind turbines. The development can be installed at a far greater depth of the existing solid-ground turbines. The ability to secure a wind turbine at much deeper depths allows for wind energy to be distributed further.

“What is missing in order for floating wind power to become commercially viable is more volume and competition, so the technology can become cheaper. It is in this context that Corewind and other projects play a role. It’s about raising the level of knowledge and improving production,” said Henrik Bredmose, professor at DTU to PolicyWatch.



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