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A photo exhibtion of the Feroe Islands takes place in Caracas

05.12.2018  18:44

The Consulate of Denmark in Caracas and Humboldt Cultural Association present the inauguration of the photographic exhibition "Faroe Islands: 18 natural wonders", where people can appreciate the landscapes, wildlife and way of life of these 18 islands of volcanic origin that constitute an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark.
The viewer could, through more 30 photographs, know a little more about what life is like in this archipelago of beautiful coasts with cliffs, peculiar seabirds and beautiful meadows, sports people and local cuisine that has won worldwide recognition.
Photos courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Faroe Islands, Tom Archer, Nicola Bonderer, Greg Balkin, Kevin Faingneart, Amy Haslenhurst, Ingrid Hofstra, Jan Keller, Janis Krakops, Alessio Mesiano, and Zoe Timmers. Year 2017

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