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Cold and Rainy Weather Starts on May in Denmark

14.05.2019  17:57

Warm temperatures enjoyed during last weekend (May 11th and 12th) are going to fade away, leaving a rather chilly feel, meteorologist Henning Gisselø of national weather agency DMI said.

Temperatures will range between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius on Monday, although though there may be some showers in the south of the country.

Tuesday could also be a pleasant day, before a shift in the weather on Wednesday.

“The sun will keep shining, although there will be more clouds. But there will be a strong northeasterly wind, and that will result in a drop in temperature in most of the country,” Gisselø said.

Thursday and Friday will feel noticeably colder with temperatures dropping to around 10°C or even lower.

“We’ll be lucky if we land at 10 degrees. Combined with the wind, it will feel even colder,” Gisselø said, adding that the chilly weather will be atypical for the beginning of May.

Nighttime temperatures will be between 5-8°C at the beginning of the week but close to freezing point by the end.

Weather prognoses for the rest of May indicate that the coming week is likely to be an outlier, with better weather to follow, Gisselø added.




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