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Organization Danes Worldwide offers scholarships to Danish children abroad

19.12.2019  16:32
Please help us spread the word: Danes Worldwide offers
scholarships to Danish children living outside Denmark.

This is generally addressed to Danish parents abroad, who have
limited financial resources to maintain or enhance their children’s connection
to Denmark.

Thanks to several corporate grants, the Danes Worldwide
organization is now in a position to offer scholarships for attendance at Summer School and Family Summer School and for registration in the Online Danish Courses.

Summer School and Summer School for Families

Danes Worldwide holds an annual 17-day Summer School in
Denmark for Danish Children and adolescents (ages 10-17), who ordinarily reside outside Denmark. The Family Summer School in Denmark is a 7-day or 9-day program for Danish children living abroad (ages 6-9 or 10-13), which the children attend with a parent/grandparent (or two). Danish language, culture and history are key topics in both programs.

Online Danish Courses

Scholarships are available for the ”School Level” and ”Intermediate Level” online courses aimed at Danish children living outside

The School Level Danish course covers grades 0-9 and offers the opportunity for senior students to take the Grade 9 graduation exam administered by the school system in Denmark.

The Intermediate Level course is designed for children
who speak some Danish on a daily basis but do not master speaking or writing at an age appropriate level.

Application deadline is 15 January 2020.

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