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LEGO leads top five as the most powerful brand in 2019

21.11.2019  14:14
According to Brand Finance, Lego remains the world’s most valuable and strongest toy brand, with a brand value of nearly US$7.6 billion, an exceptional Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 90.6 and a corresponding brand rating of AAA+. Despite this position, Lego’s brand value actually slipped this year, down 0.3%. Whilst not substantial, it represents a wider challenge for the brand as revenue fell 6% in the first half of 2017 and net profit was down 3%.

At US$1.0 billion, Bandai Namco maintained second place for brand value, despite the company’s other brands recording severe declines. Jockeyed to success by My Little Pony, Hasbro is the best performing toy brand of 2018, growing 29% to US$272 million.

In addition, the world's 25 most valuable toy brands, the charts is as follows:

1. LEGO, the danish interlocking plastic bricks toys. 

2. Bandai Namco, the japanese leading videogame Company.

3. Fisher-Price, preschool toys and baby gear for infants and

4. Barbie, the lead-fashion doll manufacturer.

5. Nerf, favorite toy guns for kids.

As a quick fact, did you know LEGO stand for "Leg Godt"? It means "play well" in the Danish languange.

Visit Brand Finance official web page for more information.

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