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Nordic Cooperation agreement

Common Cooperation Plan between the Consulates of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden in Venezuela.



Considering the Nordic Consular Cooperation meeting in Copenhagen and the Nordic Ministerial Meeting in Bornholm of the year 2005, the five Nordic Embassies and Consulates have elaborated a Cooperation Plan to assist the citizens of the affected countries in case of an emergency situation. 

The five countries will establish a coordination team - "Nordic crisis group" - consisting of personnel from all five Embassies and Honorary Consulates, which will be activated on a case-by-case basis in case of major man-made or natural emergency situations or accidents in Venezuelan territory involving citizens of two or more Nordic countries. 

In case of any emergency listed above, please contact the Danish General Consulate at the following:

Phone: (0212) 256-5542 / 257-9278
Emergency Mobile: 0424-1172765